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What can you do to help?

Bayani’s case is somewhat unique in terms of the international circumstances in which it has occurred. Foreign relations between the United States and Iran are poor, and her family has requested that those participating in advocacy for her case refrain from working through any official U.S. Government channels. As mentioned elsewhere on our site, there is a deep-rooted and well founded basis for such a request, and we are doing everything in our power to advocate effectively for her case while respecting the wishes of her family and the tumultuous history of US-Iran relations which underlie her circumstances.

If you are interested in helping with her case, consider participating in the following:

  • Follow and support our instagram page by sharing posts and information about Bayani’s case
  • Follow and support our twitter page by sharing posts and information about Bayani’s case
  • Sign petitions (this one and this one!) advocating for her release
  • Participate in our Advocacy Week events, if you are in the area and have Muhlenberg campus access
  • Amplify her story in any way possible!